Using and Troubleshooting your Remote-Control

Using and Troubleshooting your Remote-Control

General Usage

The remote-control has buttons for: speed up, speed down, left turn, right turn, and stop. Your remote-controlled Bat-Caddy has 9 forward and 9 reverse speeds. Each click of the up and down speed buttons increases or decreases your speed 1 level.  

For example, if you click the up button 5 times you will be going forward at level 5. If you then click the down button 1 time, you will be going forward at level 4. This also applies when operating your caddy in reverse. Turn buttons need to be pushed and held down until the caddy has turned to the desired position. 

Finally, the button on the bottom is a timed distance feature. It is only functional when the cart is stopped. Click this button once and the cart will go about 10 yds and stop. Click twice for 20 yds, and 3 times for 30 yds.

 (Please note that if your Bat-Caddy is to heavily weighted to the rear, turns may be abrupt and hard to control. Make sure your bag contents are evenly distributed for proper handling.)


Your Bat-Caddy and remote-control come synced in the original box. Your cart can only be synced to one remote, however, a remote can be synced to more than one cart.

This means it is possible, though unlikely, for your Bat-Caddy to sync to another remote-control while being turned on if there are other Bat-Caddy remote controls being used in the area. If this happens simply re-sync your caddy to your remote control.


It is possible for outside interference from cell towers, alarm systems and other radio frequencies to interfere with the remote-control signal and cause your caddy to stop responding.  If this happens, operate the caddy manually until you are out of the area and then resume remote operation.


Your Bat-Caddy comes with an automatic shut-down feature to help prevent “run-away” caddy’s when operating remotely. If the caddy does not receive a signal from the remote-control for approximately 40 seconds, it will assume the caddy has lost contact and stop automatically. If this happens simply push a button on the remote-control to resume operation.


If the remote-control is working properly, every time you push a button the star at the top will light up. This indicates a signal is being sent. If you press and hold the button down, the light should stay lit for as long as the button is held.

If you push the button and the star does not light up, follow these steps: 

    1. Make sure on/off switch on the side of the remote is in the on position.

    2. Install new AAA batteries.

    3. Check contacts inside the battery compartment for any bends or corrosion. Straighten and clean if necessary.

    4. If there is still no light when pushing the buttons your remote-control needs to be replaced.


If the star lights up, but the cart does not respond, follow these steps:

    1. Make sure the caddy is turned on. 

    2. Re-sync your caddy to the remote-control. (click here for instructions to sync your Bat-Caddy remote-control)

    3. If your caddy does turn on or respond to the remote control after attempting to re-sync, please click on the link below for further assistance.