SLA Battery Smart Charger Operating Instructions

SLA Battery Smart Charger Operating Instructions

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    • Bat-Caddy Battery and Charger Use and Care

      BatCaddy Battery and Charger Use and Care  IMPORTANT NOTE: Each BatCaddy battery is designed to be charged by its matching charger. The SLA, Standard Lithium-Ion, and Advanced Lithium-FePO4 Batteries are each designed to use a different charger. Your ...
    • Do I have to take the battery out of the battery carry case when charging?

      Bat-Caddy: No. You can leave the battery in the case during charging or long term storage. The only time to take the battery out of the case is when the case is wet after rainy conditions or to replace the battery or bag.
    • Can I retrofit my current sealed lead acid battery caddy or upgrade later from a SLA to a lithium?

      Yes. All our caddies are designed to operate with both SLA and our special lithium chemistry battery. When upgrading your battery be sure to purchase the "Total Package" as this will include all the parts needed to use your new lithium battery. 
    • Bat-Caddy Operating Tips

      READ THE OWNERS MANUAL BEFORE OPERATION – While simple to operate, your new Bat-Caddy is a motorized vehicle that can move quickly. Read the Owner’s Manual that came with your Bat-Caddy completely before using. It is highly recommended that you use ...
    • How can I determine if I need to replace my Bat-Caddy battery?

      As the battery is used and ages the maximum charge will decrease. If your battery is slowing down at the end of a round, or not even making 18 holes it is time to replace the battery.  Click here to see estimated life cycle and performance for your ...