Bat-Caddy Battery and Charger Use and Care

Bat-Caddy Battery and Charger Use and Care

BatCaddy Battery and Charger Use and Care 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each BatCaddy battery is designed to be charged by its matching charger. The SLA, Standard Lithium-Ion, and Advanced Lithium-FePO4 Batteries are each designed to use a different charger. Your BatCaddy comes with the matching battery and charger when purchased. Cross-matching of BatCaddy chargers or use of any non-BatCaddy charger can cause damage to the battery and/or charger and will void any warranties*, written or expressed. If you need to purchase a new battery or charger, make sure it matches your existing set. If you have any questions about the correct battery or charger to order, please go to and submit a ticket for immediate help.

Please fully charge the battery BEFORE the first use: this can take up to 12 hours depending on your model

Using Standard SLA and Lithium-Ion Chargers: The single LED light on the charger will light RED when plugged into the wall and while charging. The LED light will change to GREEN when the battery is full. The charger is connected to the battery by the 3-prong cord that is connected to the battery terminals.
Using Advanced Lithium-FePO4 Smart Chargers: A red LED will illuminate once the charger is plugged in to show that it is ready to charge. The set of 4 green LED lights will flash in order as the battery fills up. A full charge is indicated by all 4 green lights remaining solid. The charger is connected to the battery via a single post connection protected under a Velcro flap on the right-side, upper corner of the Advanced Li-FePO4 Battery. The T-Connector that connects the battery to the Caddy is not used for charging. It is also designed with a safety notch to prevent connecting it to the battery upside-down. DO NOT force the T-Connector in the other way. This will short the battery causing irreversible damage and voiding the warranty.

When the batteries are full the chargers will stop their charging cycle. This is only a safety feature and is not designed to work as a trickle or float charger. It is recommended to always remove the battery from the charger once charging is complete. Leaving the battery connected to the charger for extended periods of time may void the warranty*.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do: Make sure your charger is plugged into a working outlet
Do: Make sure all cord connections are secure
Do: Charge after every 18 holes. Complete depletion can significantly shorten the life of the battery and void the warranty.
Do Not: Secure the battery lead to the caddy with the silver battery lead screw. In case of a tip-over the battery cable should pull out to prevent damage to the plug socket.
Do Not: Store the battery on concrete or other cold surfaces or in areas with freezing temperatures. A cool, dry place is the best way to store your battery (short & long term).
Do Not: Submerge the battery in water. The case is not waterproof, and the battery will be damaged! Water damage will void the warranty!*
Do Not: Expose the battery to excessive heat or direct sun for long periods of time or store it in hot areas (car trunks, garages, etc.). Batteries do not like high temperatures!
Do Not: Expose or throw the battery into open fire. EXTREME FIRE HAZARD!!!
Do Not: Drop the battery! Doing so may damage the internal electronic battery management system*. 

*For full battery warranties and terms go to