Bat-Caddy Operating Tips

Bat-Caddy Operating Tips

  1. READ THE OWNERS MANUAL BEFORE OPERATION – While simple to operate, your new Bat-Caddy is a motorized vehicle that can move quickly. Read the Owner’s Manual that came with your Bat-Caddy completely before using. It is highly recommended that you use the Bat-Caddy in your yard or other grassy area free of people and obstacles to get a feel for the speed and turning capabilities before you take it on the course.

  1. Tracking of an electric caddy is strongly impacted by weight distribution and slope. Test your caddy first on level ground without a bag. If needed you can adjust the tracking on the front wheel (see Manual). Make sure your bag sits straight and the weight is evenly distributed. For optimal weight distribution and tracking we recommend using evenly shaped cart bags with club compartments and many pockets. Carry bags with standing legs or similar are not recommended.

  1. Never take the cart into deep rough or off course where there are ditches, tree stumps or other obstacles. Avoid/minimize operation on asphalt, gravel, and rough surfaces to prevent wear and tear or damage to components.

  1. Always keep the cart in sight and reach, so you can anticipate obstacles and catch up to it.

  1. The best way of operating a Remote-Control Bat-Caddy is a "Common Sense" mixed approach between remote and manual controls. In crowded situations (sidewalks, bridges, parking lots etc.) it is recommended to use the manual handle controls to prevent collision or loss of control.

  1. Never drive the cart over curbs or in severely uneven environments without manual assistance. This will help prevent breakage of components or tip-overs.

  1. Towing a Bat-Caddy without True-Freewheel (X8 Series only) behind a golf cart can damage the motors and void the warranty.

  1. Remember this is a three-wheel cart, so use common sense when operating on side or uphill fairways or near steep hazards. Having motors does not stop it from tipping over when on steep grades. SUGGESTION: Hold onto and steer the cart on steep hills, traverses, narrow bridges, and narrow openings.

  1. Turn off your Remote-Control between uses if you carry it in your pocket to avoid accidental button pushes.

  1. Electricity and water do not mix! Although the electrical system is water resistant and the Bat-Caddy works well in early morning dew and non-excessive rainy conditions, please avoid running it through casual or heavy water, submerging it in water, or washing with hoses or power washers. This can force water through seals and will void the warranty.